Our Classes

Muay Thai
Muay Thai is etched into the DNA of Warrior Hong Kong, having been a Muay Thai focused Martial Arts school when we first opened. These classes have been designed to provide a fun and enjoyable experience while being tailored to help students develop skills useful to improving their Muay Thai skill level.

1.Muay Thai Fitness
Cardio Based Muay Thai workouts
These classes are available for students of all levels. Using Muay Thai moves, the aim of this class will be to get you moving and your heart rate going. Our classes generally start with a quick warm up, some drills and movement work followed by a few rounds on the bags and on the pads with our Muay Thai trainers. This class is great for students who are looking to have a fun workout with a stronger focus on conditioning and fitness.

Our boxing classes are programmes that are built to pump your heart rate while still focusing on the technical importance of boxing. With the different classes we aim to give a class suitable for every skill level.A class built for all levels in “Boxing”, a “Box N Burn” class if you’re just looking to shed some extra calories and even a “Boxing Sparring” class for fighters looking to get in the ring.

The boxing class is a boxing technique and conditioning session built for all level from beginner to advanced. This class will teach you tools to add to your boxing arsenal and will allow you to sharpen those tools through specific drills. Honing your skills at the same time while making sure that your body is in the best condition. You can be sure that this class will get you in fighting shape!

2.Box N Burn
Box N Burn is an intense cardio boxing workout. This class will test your limits with a variety of boxing combinations and conditioning exercises. Prepare to throw your punches in bundles and put on a crazy sweat!
3.Boxing Sparring
Boxing sparring is a seminar-style class for those who truly want to take their boxing skills to the next level. It’s a class that involves sparring which means you will be getting in the ring with a partner and applying what you’ve learned. This class will cover everything from boxing fundamentals and styles, to advanced offensive and defensive strategies. Proper drilling and partner work will be the core of this class. To get the full benefits of this class, we recommend bringing headgear and a mouthguard.

Our fitness classes are built to put you into your best shape possible. We have designed these classes so that it not only is a thorough and totally unique class but also is a very lively environment with a set of dedicated trainers aiming to help you reach your fitness goals.

  1. Warfit
    Warfit is a unique 1 hour functional lifting class designed around your 4 major lifts; bench press, pull ups, deadlifts and squat. The warfit program is separated into 2 parts. The first part will focus on one of the major lifts and the second part will be a finisher with 10-15 minutes of cardio, weights and core workouts. Timing and formats for the warfit class is designed to mimic fighting round intervals so that you can lift like a fighter!

Fightcamp is circuit based program designed to increase you strength and power to compliment your Muay Thai and Boxing! Think sleds, battle ropes and tyres then slam carry, drag and flip your way to a leaner and meaner you!

3.Rock the bells
Rock the bells classes are led by our kettlebell specialist Joe Rolfe. It is one of our newer addition to our list of classes. It’s a 1 hour kettlebell session, which uses the kettlebell as the tool to improve movement and mobility as well as increase strength and power. The technique used in kettlebell training is well explained by Joe during the class. If you’re curious on how Joe’s classes will look like you can check him out on IG @artillerystrengthtraining.